Podcasting & Streaming

Podcasting and Streaming are great way to let your clients know you. Relationships are a two way street. As your clients hear your voice and interact with you via your podcast or live stream, long term relationships are built. It gives our clients the opportunity to sharpen their skills as it gives listeners the opportunity to sample client’s offerings. We’ve been offering podcasting, streaming and terrestrial radio production to our clients for over a decade.

Ron Ash is excited to announce our new Pay Per View video stream. This newest service allows clients to sell tickets to their online events. Whether you are looking to replace your in person events or to expand your online presence, PPV may be for you.

Being with Ron Ash

Being with Ron Ash Streaming Radio Station

Blackstone Valley Community Radio

BTRN Classic Movies

Watch great classic movies from the early 20th century On Demand. Films from the silent era starring Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin will entertain and amaze. The Three Stooges display their mastery of physical comedy. Carry Grant, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe will bring you back to a simpler place and time. You’ll love BTRN Classic Movies.

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